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Primary Interline Eligibilityfor Interline Rate Program

Current Full Time Employees of:
-    Passenger airlines ( excluding charter airlines )
-    Cargo Companies - FedEx, UPS, DHL, Airborne (retirees not eligible)  
-    NACTA (National Air Traffic Controllers) - *Please Note: This does not include Canadian Air Traffic Controllers (NAVCAN) or those from any other country.
-    FAA (Federal Aviation Administration)
-    ALPA (Airline Pilot's Association)
-    IATA
-    (CRS) employees of Sabre, Worldspan, Galileo/Apollo, Travelport or Amadeus
-    Amtrak  
-    Cruise line employees (Carnival Cruise Lines employees are NOT Eligible)
-    Travel Agents - must have company ID, letter on company letter head verifying employment or an IATA card as proof of eligibility.

Additional Stateroom Eligibility:
If the qualified Primary Interline employee occupies one stateroom, two (2) additional staterooms may be booked at the interline rate.

Secondary Interline Eligibility:

Eligible Family Members NOT traveling with the Primary Interline Employee are permitted to book ONE stateroom per cruise departure, per family.

Eligible Family Members
-    Spouse
-    Parent(s) of Employee - *Note - PARENTS IN LAW ARE NOT ELIGIBLE
-    Dependent children 21yrs old and younger
-    Interline benefits cease with the death of the employee. Surviving spouses, or immediate family receive no interline benefits.

PLEASE NOTE: Eligible Family Members NOT traveling with the Primary Interline Employee are permitted to book ONE cabin per cruise departure, per family.

Retired Interline Employees
-    Permitted to book ONE stateroom at the Interline rates and RETIRED EMPLOYEE MUST TRAVEL in that cabin
-    Retirees  are not eligible to book any additional staterooms.
-    Retired employees of non-existing (defunct) airlines do NOT qualify for the interline rate

Carnival requires proof of Interline Rate Eligibility immediately upon confirmation of your booking.

Without proof of qualified interline eligibility, Carnival reserves the right to automatically adjust the price to the applicable retail rate prior to departure.

For Bookings made outside 7 days of sailing: ID MUST be received within 72hrs of booking.
For Bookings made inside 7 days of sailing: ID MUST be received within 24hrs of booking.
Photo ID must be clearly legible and must show the branded company logo.

Primary Military Eligibility for Military Rate Program

Active Personnel - US Military Only.   
- Spouses of active Military personnel called to active duty overseas will be eligible to book one cabin as long as the eligible spouse is occupying this cabin. The spouse must provide proof of eligibility by submitting a copy of the Military spouse card as well as a copy of the official orders and/or duties documentation
- US Reserve Personnel                                                            
- Active Cadets                                                                        
- U.S Coast Guard Personnel                                                    
- Active member of the US National Guard                                          

- Uniformed members of the USPHS (U.S Public Health Services)              

- Retired US Military Personnel

- Retired member of the National Guard                                                          
- Veterans, defined as: Individuals who have actively served in the Military for at least two years or during a wartime period and have been honorably discharged

Military Personnel are permitted to book only ONE cabin at the Military Rate