Checking credentials

Please stand by . . .


To be for an interline rate a person must be:

  1. A current employee of either a domestic or international commercial passenger or cargo airline
  2. Spouse or Domestic Partner of current employee above
  3. Parents and Parents-In-Law of current employee above
  4. Air Traffic Controllers & GDS Employees
  5. Retired employee of a commercial passenger airline, cargo carrier, ATC or GDS.
  6. Widow/widowers of deceased employees/retirees with flight benefits

Stateroom Eligibility

As long as one guest in the stateroom is described as eligible above, the following would apply:

  1. All other guests in the same stateroom would be eligible for the interline rate.
  2. (One) additional stateroom may be booked with guests in that stateroom being eligible for the interline rate.
  3. A (second) additional stateroom may be booked with guests eligible for the interline rate only if one of the two additional staterooms is occupied by dependent children.  
  4. Maximum of three (3) cabins can be booked per eligible guest, per sailing date only as described in #3 immediately above.