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Updated 9/4/2020 to include furloughed employees

General Overview: Interline rates are special discounts for employees of commercial and cargo airlines (including air traffic controllers) and Employees of GDS supplier companies. Interline rates can only be booked through designated Interline Agencies.

This program is being extended so that each cabin with an eligible employee, as defined below, may add up to three (3) cabins on the same sailing at the interline rate. Cabin splitting is prohibited. Proof of eligibility may be required. When submitting proof of eligibility, please provide the names and booking numbers of airline/GDS employee, eligible participants and non-airline companions traveling.

Interline Rate Eligibility:

  • Active & Retired employees of IATA/ARC appointed international and regional airlines. This includes retirees of defunct airlines.
  • Active & Retired Courier/cargo airlines
  • FedEx employees
  • UPS employees – Excluding drivers
  • Charter Airlines
  • Employees of GDS suppliers (Amadeus, Revelex, SABRE, etc.) when booked through and approved interline agency.
  • Active-Air traffic controllers, Air Marshalls, FAA & TSA employees regardless of flight benefits.
  • TripAdvisor employees, must provide copy of IATAN
  • Widow(er) of active/retired employees
  • Eligible family members
  • Furloughed employees maintaining flight benefits

Who is not eligible for Interline rates?

  • Military personnel
  • Ground Crew (drivers) of DHL
  • Travel professionals
  • UPS drivers